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About Us

Going Somewhere?
Jonny Bag Has You Covered. 

Most public security clearances require you to tote your personal items in a transparent plastic bag—a rule that’s great for promoting safety, but can also make you feel overexposed. But what if you could breeze through, without broadcasting your personal items to the world? With the Jonny Bag, now you can.

Whether you’re catching a flight or are going to a major event, the Jonny Bag is your new go-to tote for toiletries, cosmetics and personal effects, helping you maintain privacy without sacrificing convenience or style. The bag is made of two basic components: A sturdy, transparent inner-bag to hold your belongings, and a stylish outer-bag to keep them covered. Simply zip off the outer bag as you’re going through a checkpoint, and discreetly zip it back on once you’re through—all without putting your personal belongings on display.

With a Jonny Bag, you’ll breeze through security checkpoints with your personal items discreetly in tow. Choose between six chic handles, including bamboo, tortoise shell and classic gold. And take your pick of our trendy cotton covers, which are also reversible for a more versatile look. With more than 30 different handle and cover combinations to choose from, your Jonny Bag can be fully customized to reflect your individual style.

The Jonny Bag is so versatile, the uses are endless. Use yours to...

  • Carry toiletries and cosmetics through airport security
  • Cover your personal belongings in your hotel room as you travel
  • Get through security at an NFL game (the Jonny Bag is compliant with the new NFL “clear bag” guidelines)
  • Protect electronics from sand and surf while at the beach
  • Clear safety checks in and out of work (great for those working retail)
  • Bring personal items back and forth from college dorm rooms to community bathrooms

And that's just the beginning. So don’t let security checkpoints cramp your style. Finally, thanks to the Jonny Bag, you can come and go with peace of mind, knowing your essentials are safe, secure and shielded from prying eyes.

Our History

Jonny Bag originated in 2001 as a mere concept, dreamt up by a 15-plus-year veteran of the New York City fashion industry. After realizing there were no stylish yet practical handbag options women could use to carry basic essentials through airport security, she began developing the first Jonny Bag prototype—a bag designed specifically to roll through safety checkpoints, but with extra privacy features keeping personal items out of the public eye. Over the past 10 years her core fashion expertise were reinforced by classic patterns and modern/eco-friendly materials, establishing a one of a kind product in a true American brand. We hope that you enjoy the versatility of our initial line of bags and we will continue to improve and create additional products of the highest quality and integrity that we strive to deliver every day.