Clear TSA-Compliant Bags & NFL Compliant Clear Bags - Jonny Bag
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Show Off Your Style, Not Your Personal Belongings

Going somewhere? With the Jonny Bag, you can make going through airport security as comfortable, convenient and non-invasive as possible.

When you’re traveling, you know the drill. Getting through TSA lines is a pain, fishing around for your private toiletries, putting them back up. The Jonny Bag makes the process private and painless.
With the Jonny Bag, you’ll breeze through security checkpoints with your personal items in discreetly in tow. Pack your belongings into the durable inner-bag, which is made of transparent plastic to clear TSA and other security checkpoints, and cover up with your stylish outer-bag, which zips easily on top.
When it's your turn to go through security, simply unzip your cover and place the inner-bag into the bin for scanning. Once you're through, zip the cover back on, grab your bag and go. No lingering awkwardness, and no need to re-pack anything into your luggage. You can even use it in your hotel room to keep private items tucked away and out of site. 

Why wait until it's too late? Get your Jonny Bag today!